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Equipment Life Cycle

At Ambassador Financial, we understand that when the time comes to purchase new equipment or upgrade existing infrastructure, it is not a simple process. Throughout our 30 plus years of experience we have identified five crucial steps to a successful deployment of new equipment at any company. As equipment minded financial advisors, we will use our creativity, expertise, and experience to help guide you through these steps and make the best decision.

Ambassador understands that a thorough evaluation at inception will help you choose the right vendor and the right equipment for your business. The initial questions asked are essential. How will this equipment be used in our business? How will our needs change over time? What will the impact be to the business? What is the useful life of this asset? These and many more questions are a part of the critical first step.

Ambassador's 30 plus years of experience can be tapped as you work toward choosing the right solution, from the best supplier and at the best price - producing optimum value.

We believe it is all about options. You need someone who can help assess and match cash flows, align asset life and structure, maximize tax benefit utilization and provide you the most end of term options. At inception, during the term and at the end of the initial lease term, it's all about options! Let the professional at Ambassador craft the best economic solution.


How you manage assets during their life cycle can reduce total cost of ownership significantly. Service agreements as well as routine maintenance and employee training are key to lowering cost of operation.


Planning ahead for this step in the life cycle can greatly reduce your total cost. Again, having multiple options at the end of the lease term can make all the difference. Properly structured you can choose to return the asset, purchase, extend the lease month-to-month or extend for an longer period.  

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